The “AHA” Moment at Huntly Wynd

It is one of my favourite quotes. Perhaps it is the beautiful surroundings: the pond with the Koi. The birds happily chirping. The flowers in the garden. My neighbor with a friendly smile who always wave to others he sees. All these have triggered my “Aha” moment at Huntly Wynd.

Quoting from a publication: “Life can be divided into two periods. Before you know why you are alive and after. In between there is just a single moment – the Aha! moment. One brainwave that turns a person into a person on a mission.”

The same publication asks the question, “What brings the Aha moment?” It mentions these initial motivations: “Inconvenience, limited resources, pain and tragedy“.

As an example, it mentions the inventor of the telegraph – Samuel Morse. It tells of Morse receiving a letter about his wife being very ill – long after she was already buried. “Grief stricken, he decided to forever change how people talk to each other and invented the telegraph.”

It relates about “Caresse Crosby, who invented the bra because her bust would not fit into her corset“.

What about the Huntly Wynd AHA Moment?

It is not a great secret how neighbours at HW talk about things they see, hear, and experience in the community. In spite of efforts by council through its published newsletters and announcements to use “anonymity” when reporting contentious incidents concerning owners, the truth always comes out.

“Aha!”  isn’t it about time to bring all contentious issues in the open and find ways to resolve them?

“Aha!” Shouldn’t HW neighbours chat about great things in the community instead?

“Aha!” Couldn’t something be done or resolved to have council members happily fulfilling their duties, and not resigning in frustration? Or carrying out their duties grudgingly?

Aha!” Shouldn’t serving the community as a leader be a cheerful and rewarding task?



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