WHY there is a need for a PARADIGM SHIFT at HUNTLY WYND

Just what is “paradigm shift”? This is a noun phrase that is often used by many activists and reformers that promote fundamental changes in basic concepts, perceptions, and practices. Its originator, American physicist Thomas Kuhn, explains how “rules are derived from paradigms” (the way we see things); and how a “change in the way we see things” (shift) could cause a “new way of doing things” – for the better!

Look at the image above. What do you see? A duck? Or a rabbit?

How about this image? Describe what you see!

These are two perfect examples of how our “perception” of things could influence how we respond (to the visual or neural stimuli).

At Huntly Wynd, throughout the last 33+ years, we have formulated rules, restrictions,  and bylaws based on certain “paradigms”. The most obvious are the guidelines and legal forms dictated by provincial laws. Helping to formulate rules and regulations are the various property management companies, (most recently Bayside Property Services), and the strata managers assigned to the site (lately, Scott Unger).

Well then, one might ask, “Is there anything wrong with the way we do things at Huntly Wynd?”

There is no correct “yes or no” answer to this question; just as there is no wrong answer to the response as to what one sees with the two images above.

Ok then, why should anyone promote a “paradigm shift”?

The motivation for a paradigm shift comes from an examination of factors and issues that confront our community – today. When Huntly Wynd first came into existence, those that were there before us could have seen the “duck” and the “young lady”. Those perceptions became the basis of “how we did things in our community” and “how we related to each other”.

Have things changed?

Definitely! The pioneers who are still with us today are 33+ older. Some have “gone home” to their eternal resting places. Few who are still around are faced with new challenges – of keeping healthy. Or finding help. Or considering a move to assisted living.

Replacing those who have moved on are younger dwellers. Some speak a different language. They have a “different perspective” of life at Huntly Wynd. They have different needs. They drive different cars. Believe in a different way to go about doing their business. Like the internet. Maybe satellite communication. And bigger and more vibrant ultra high definition televisions and sound systems. And smartphones!

Maybe they see the “rabbit” and the “old woman”!

What has not changed are inanimate objects – buildings, roads, ponds, structures. There is a constant need to assess, maintain, and improve these “none living objects” to preserve the beauty of Huntly Wynd.

But is that all that matters?

Not if you are a live, breathing, human being! To place greater importance on “managing the strata corporation” and imposing “strict compliance to bylaws and rules” with a complete disregard to what matters most in a community – VIBRANT, peaceful, and harmonious SOCIAL INTERACTION – is to “prevent small things to grow and allow great things to decay”.



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