“Give unto Ceasar….”


To focus solely on issues facing our community is to be short sighted.

Huntly Wynd has made it this far in its existence to remain one of the most desirable adult communities in the city of Richmond. Infrastructures, while beginning to require greater attention and care have been kept well maintained.

Landscaping, which encountered a short term issue in 2013-2014, seem to have been resolved with the contract being awarded to Coastal Pacific. Entrance to our community is beginning to look nice and colourful as it always used to be.

Problems with the water system remain an ongoing challenge until dependency from the city reservoir is resolved.

Traffic safety on roadways (speeding) has drawn great attention and efforts to increase awareness have been made.

The clubhouse, the pool, and the billiard room are frequently utilized.

And with levies and fines for bylaw infractions kept to a minimum, Huntly Wynd has a relatively efficient management record.

With very few skillful and willing volunteers to do the “tough responsibilities” of a council member, those who have bravely accepted nomination to the council need acknowledgement. Regardless of differing opinions, those volunteering their services to the Strata Council over the last several years deserve respect, recognition, and appreciation.   Thank you!

“….Give unto Ceasar…….”



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