The Truth Hurts…

When the HUNTLY WYND AGM convened on December 8, the crowd in the small main room of the clubhouse could not have numbered more than 40 in attendance. It is less than half of all shareholders of the corporation.

RESOLUTION #1 – Allow Bayside’s Property Management Contract to terminate

After a brief presentation by its author, the lengthy retort by the Council President clearly indicates the position the Council is taking on the issue. It is a total disregard of strong evidence gathered validating allegation of mismanagement by the Property Manager and gross discontent in his demeanour in handling disputes and issues within the Strata Corporation.

The President used scare tactics to support retaining Bayside’s services. He appealed that “without the services of the Property Management Company”, the Strata Corporation is bound to experience hardship in fulfilling administrative functions.

In effect, he was saying that shareholders must continue to subject themselves to the condescension, rude behaviour, and idiotic and inept handling of issues that many within the community have experienced with Scott Unger – because the Council needs him!

Is he also saying that without Scott Unger of Bayside, Huntly Wynd is doomed to castastropic failure? That without him, the Council is in itself is so corrupt and helpless that it cannot function? Is the Council in bed with Bayside?

That report by the President and position by the Council clearly demonstrate that shareholders of the corporation do not matter!

Now, you might ask, how could you say that when the resolution was defeated by a vote of 67 against 17?


In 3rd world countries, depots go around the village with rupees, pesos, or baht, buying votes. It is hard to swallow that the practice is alive and well at HW. With less than 40 shareholders in attendance, how could a resolution be defeated 67 against 17?

At HW, they call it proxy! And who holds those proxy nominations. Let me give you three guesses: the president, the vice-president, the treasurer, or all of the above?

I always thought that a Strata Council is suppose to represent the best interest of the shareholders of the corporation?

Well, vote them out of the Council, you say? Oh sure, let’s do that on the next AGM. Get rid of the corrupt members of the council, especially those who have been accused of bylaws violations and conflict of interest. Hey, but if the Property Manager “protects” you, you got nothing to worry about right?

Ah, besides, those despotic vote-buying techniques…ops…sorry …proxy nominations, always come in handy.

When asked if this action by the Council and its President is within legal boundaries, Tony Gioventu of CHOA writes:

“It isn’t illegal, if the owners want to terminate the management company they need to sign a 20% petition demanding an SGM and a 3/4 vote resolution for the termination of the management agreement. If the resolution is successful, there are 60 days to search for a new company. If the strata is thinking about self management, they would require the consent of the owners by majority vote and need to seriously consider how operations would be managed. Reagrds,Tony”

Thanks, Tony! You did not complete your subtle inference…”It isn’t illegal….. but it is immoral”.

Pray for HW. Because at the rate that this Council is masquerading as a fox dressed in lamb’s cloth, those proxy votes will keep power where it is.

Hey, you should not be writing this because you are causing prospective buyers to stay away from Huntly Wynd!

Oh really! TRUTH HURTS, doesn’t it? Does HW deserve better? Not for as long as certain shareholders OR COUNCIL MEMBERS remain blind to the truth.

God bless Huntly Wynd!



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