What went wrong?

Is it possible that neither The President of the Strata Council nor any of its members is familiar with Parliamentary Procedures or the Roberts Rules of Order?

Just what are parliamentary procedures? They are universally accepted principles that allow organizations to conduct meetings so that,

  • business may be carried on with ease, dignity and dispatch
  • the interest of the organization as a whole may be preserved
  • the view and rights of the individual may meet due recognition
  • decisions reached by vote are made with the least possible friction

While the rule of the majority prevails, the heart of these principles dictates that respect for the minority is to be recognized at all times.

The President

The government of Manitoba has published its own Parliamentary Order of Procedures. In it, the role of the President is clearly established. Some of the interesting provisions are:

  • The president precedes at each meeting in such a way that all members will feel free to take part
  • The president may be re-elected but it is not good practice to keep the same president for more than two consecutive years
  • Cast a deciding vote in case of ties
  • If the president wishes to take part in the discussion, he may assign someone else to occupy the chair. It is not good procedure to give opinions while in in the chair
  1. Did the president act following these principles?
  2. Do you feel that the interest of the shareholders were preserved
  3. Were decisions made with the least possible friction?
  4. Did the president remove himself from the chair before taking part in the discussions about Resolution #1?
  5. Did he cast a deciding vote, or was he or anyone else at arms length with him hold substantial number of proxy nominations to influence a vote?
  6. Was he listening? Or dictating proceedings?

Did the AGM contribute to HARMONY within Huntly Wynd, or has the community become more fractured than before?



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