Santa Claus can’t get to visit Children…

…in Syria. And not in Aleppo.

…and these children will probably never know what a “Merry Christmas” would be like.

With only a few days until Christmas 2016, those of us aware of the indescribable cruelty against humanity occurring in Syria can’t help but have an extremely heavy heart for these children whose lives teeter against the edge of a very uncertain and unimaginable future.

This agonizing perspective of life reduced to utter worthlessness is both a blessing and a curse. A curse because at a great distance, shielded from the stark reality of existence by the hour, we feel helpless. A blessing? It makes us realize that we are infinitely blessed by the abundance of idyllic living at Huntly Wynd.

It makes the issues we fiercely debate and discourse mute in comparison. Perhaps with this perspective, our outlook can change, promoting the spirit of cooperation, friendship, and hospitality. It will brighten up the prospects of the New Year 2017.





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