BE HAPPY ….. in 2017

As the New Year is upon us, it has been a tradition not only to get dunked in freezing waters at Spanish Bay (for those brave souls), but also to make new year’s resolutions.

How about choosing to “be happy…….at Huntly Wynd”? Here are some sayings:



But first, have you ever driven around our community during Christmas? There are some wonderful display of lights and ornaments. In our opinion, if there was a contest for the “best Christmas lights and ornaments”, these would get my vote:





“I have chosen to be happy because it is good for my health!” Isn’t that absolutely true? And what rob us of happiness? Being angry!

There are many books and articles published on the subject. It is quite interesting to read many different perspective about “being happy” or “how to be happy”. Especially at New Year. When there is renewed hope for a much better year than the last one.

With all the sayings, words of wisdom, and phrases, some stand out. There is even a mathematical formula (H=(G=DH+C+3R)/6). You can read about that here: The explanation for the formula is quite interesting. So are the principles behind it.

There are several components to the proposed equation: GRATITUDE, CONTRIBUTION TO OTHERS, Relationships, Rules, Regrets.

Anger would probably fit within the “regret” factor. The angrier we are about something, or anything, the more regretful we feel. To the degree that we feel angry, we become regretful. That would have an opposite effect on happiness.

What about GRATITUDE? When we found Huntly Wynd, we imagined it to be an oasis within a concrete jungle of a city. We were extremely grateful for the opportunity to spend countless hours appreciating the beauty of nature and the lovely gardens and the level of comfort of our home. That level of gratitude translates to many positive points toward the happiness quotient.

Maintaining a wonderful relationship with our neighbours leads to friendship. Contributing to a vibrant community adds many more points to the happiness quotient.

When we celebrate events together; when we experience sharing stories together; and enjoy our many blessings together; the feeling of being in community with each other creates a much higher level of happiness. When we do things for each other, we significantly multiply the ripple effect of happiness. And that only leads to a much healthier life!

But what about RULES? Here is what that article says about this. In an environment where there are many strict rules to live by, “they are bound to create stress and conflicts with other people”! Interesting but true, isn’t it? There is only one explanation for this. When there is a very poor level of comfort and trust within a community, there is bound to be a subconscious motivation to make sure everyone “toes the line“. Conversely, when people within a community care and contribute to the welfare and well being of each other, they all live with greater consciousness and awareness of good behaviour. It enriches relationships. Consequently, strict rules matter only on paper.

May the New Year bring us all to the level of happiness we all long to have.


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