A Long Road to Reconciliation

Running the affairs of the strata is the least of the challenges of the three nominated members of the council. The greatest task ahead is restoring broken relationships. It may be easy to say, “Well, I don’t really give a damn about anybody or anything. Just don’t bother me”.

At last night’s Special General Meeting, no harsh words were exchanged. One of the most senior residents, Don Selman, chaired the meeting. Three nominees accepted their responsibilities to complete the terms of council members being replaced. Several owners declined their nomination to serve as council members.

The aura of calm last night was very deceptive. The events that preceded the SGM demonstrate the severity of injury to relationships. The disdain that enveloped every corner of the community hangs like a dark cloud above and may continue to prevail in spite of good people offering to “move forward from here“.

It does not help the situation any when venom continues to spew from a source that seem to be preoccupied with the exercise of feeblemindedness, idiocy, and the perception that some owners are evildoers that must be cast to hell. Lucifer masquerading as Gabriel with a sword to slay the infidels? Hmmmmmm.

The road to healing can not come from “hurt people”; it comes from “healed people”.

We need to come together and open our hearts to each other. We need to express our griefs. We need to seek understanding. We need to restore trust. In doing so, we restore safety and security in our community.

The three members of the council could be overwhelmed by the complex requirements of our community. They would need us to help them.

In order to accomplish this, there is a need to change how the council works. Close door meetings of the past created a perception of “eliteness” and power. If the council must be successful in its enormous challenge of rebuilding the “wounded spirit” of HW, it needs to open the door to anyone willing to volunteer assistance; conducting “close door” meetings only to deal with sensitive and critical private and legal matters.



We love the Huntly Wynd

When we were shown a townhouse at this community , we were immediately captivated by the scenery, the winding stream behind most every home, the colourful flower gardens everywhere, and the security gate that maintains surveillance 24 hours a day. We could not believe that such a serene and exquisite place could actually exists in Richmond (BC, Canada).