If you’d like to know more about the “how’s” and “why’s” of managing the business affairs of Huntly Wynd, you can read the STRATA PROPERTY ACT here.

Another good read is How to manage your strata.

With the annual general meeting of HW Strata Corporation NW 628 being scheduled for Tuesday, December 8, 2015, we should be well prepared for the deliberations to take place. Thus, it is important for us to have at the very least, a working understanding of the business affairs of the corporation.

For example, it is important for us to understand the relationship between the Strata Corporation (us), the assigned Strata Manager (Scott Unger), and the Strata Management Company (Bayside). We also need to be familiar with  the “working relationship” as well as the interaction between the Strata Council (which represent our interest) and the Strata Manager. Finally, and most importantly, it is necessary to adhere to communication protocol, to avoid confusion and misunderstanding, and allow for a most efficient handling of HW community affairs.


Bayside Property Services has been the strata management company overseeing and handling all relevant and pertinent management, financial, and accounting services for our strata corporation for the last seven (7) years. They have assigned Scott Unger as the Strata Manager overseeing and assisting the Strata Council in directly dealing with the communities affairs.

It is apparent from notices circulated to the corporation that there has not been a periodic assessment and evaluation of the Strata Management Company’s (Bayside) (quality of) services.

Taking into account the submitted proposed resolution to terminate the services of Bayside, it appears that this is a capitulation to the general negative sentiment in disfavour of either the services rendered by Mr. Unger or Bayside, or both.

The resolution proposing that Owners provide their personal and individual assessment and experiences with Bayside and/or Mr. Unger before January 31, 2016 seems to be an effort to collect evidence to validate the necessity of terminating the services of Bayside. Nonetheless, with or without any submission by individual Owners, since the Strata Council represents their interest, with the Resolution having been set into motion for a vote, there are obvious reasons why this resolution should receive a unanimous vote of approval.




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