What a Life!

We enjoy our home at HW! Our front and backyard are immaculately maintained throughout the year by landscapers who must love nature. When flowers bloom in spring and birds and wildlife abound, nothing could compare to the joy of gazing outside from the comfort of our breakfast nook. We are greeted daily by the beauty of nature and the soothing sound of a waterfall.

The colourful koi in the pond gracefully swim, unmindful of a pair of Mallard claiming their space in the stream. The male’s blue and purple speculum displays its handsome “outfit” as it follows its mate as if in search of a love nest somewhere. A few months later they are followed by little ducklings in the water or on walkways at HW – truly an unbelievable beautiful sight. 

Inside our home at HW, there is peace and quiet as we discovered that there are compromises in strata living. Everyone learns to be mindful of neighbours. Certain decorum is observed so as to contribute to serenity, peaceful, and happy coexistence.

Neighbours wave and smile at each other. Those enjoying a stroll with their pets often stop and chat with those outside their homes tending to flower and hanging baskets, or “grooming their vehicles”.

Minutes from HW are shopping malls, and our never ending favourite restaurants. And if we were up for some “high tea”, that is just 7 minutes away.

Living at HW is like being in a resort right in the middle of the city!

What a life!