Your OPINION Matters

When I read this quote from Ernest Dimnet, another “Aha” moment flickered. There has not been any “great catastrophe or fatal error” here at Huntly Wynd but there certainly are “repetitive slowly destructive little things” that have slowly eroded happiness for many, whose only recourse is to whisper about them – not wanting to be publicly shamed.

Through this page, lift up your heart and soul and be heard. Your opinion matters. Share it with us.



2 thoughts on “Your OPINION Matters

    • First, let me thank you for accepting the invitation to post a comment.
      Are HW Owners aware of this site? Many have visited this site since it was first published. As to whether or not they are at HW is purely a guess. As for introducing myself, let me begin by saying that I listen, see, and hear the whispers that float in the air. The disappointments. The complaints. The poor judgments. The encounters. The raised eyebrows. The false allegations. The inclination to look straight ahead, instead of acknowledging with a wave and a smile. The refusal to mingle on certain Friday nights. I see happiness that is diminished by these “little things”. And I want to do something about it. I am your caring neighbour, Daniel!


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